Monday, 17 March 2014

Skirting Clips For Tables

Key Features

1. 50 per pack
2. Fits 1/2-3/4" edges
3. Velcro for attaching to skirt

Reviews reveal high quality, good price and product effectiveness. Although these are designed for a snug fit on table edges of around 1/2 to 3/4", it is stated that realistically, they can be stretched wider to a full 1 inch, but this may place them at risk of breakage. It also warns tat they greater extent to which they're stretched can put plastic or paper tablecloths at risk of tearing.  

There are several other versions of different sizes available for thicker edges, with clips that can easily stretch up to 2". These kinds of clips also come in several different colors and you can choose from plastic or steel. These are perfect for weddings or any function.

A pack of 50 means you'll have more than enough to secure your tablecloth and skirting.

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