Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Heavy Weight Tablecloth Is Also Spill Proof

The tablecloth shown here is not only made of heavy material to prevent slipping and sliding, but is also spill-proof, removing another irritating aspect.

This tablecloth looks attractive rather than many other plastic or spill-proof cloths. It's 100% polyester and spills simply "bead up" on its surface, with no staining. The product description states that this is machine washable. However, a couple of reviewers have stated that they experienced issues when washing, as imperfections appeared afterwards. I would imagine that its spill proof nature would make washing largely unnecessary as you could simply wipe it with a cloth. 

I personally would buy this simply for its spill resistance. However, it's also quite attractive and in my opinion allows a table to maintain a little class. 

It's available in several colors such as ivory, taupe and sage.

I can't imagine how many times I've slopped pasta sauce or put coffee rings on my tablecloths and then left stains there after putting in a feeble effort to wipe them away with a cloth. I can even remember positioning things on my tables in order to cover stains when I had guests come to my house. I'd imagine it'd get a lot worse if you had kids so this would be awesome for the mums out there. 

These can be purchased from the regular online stores. Simply search for heavy weight tablecloth.