Friday, 7 March 2014

Cute Insect Tablecloth Weights

These may be the cutest tablecloth weights I've ever seen. If you're a fan of ladybugs, then there is a four pack of them available. But I much prefer this "mixed bug" set. I think they're intended for outdoor use, but in my opinion they're cute enough for indoor use as well. It's funny, usually I dislike all things 'creepy crawly', but I love these insect weights.

The size of each bug is approximately 3.5 x 2.5".

Are they heavy enough?

They have a shipping weight of approximately 6.4 ounces. I'm guessing it's therefore logical to assume that each bug has a weight of around 1.5 ounces? Some people who've purchased these state that they're heavy enough. Whereas another reviewer stated that they had to buy a second pair as these are not heavy enough for larger tables. It seems as though most customers rated these as effective at resiting the force of wind gusts. Obviously they're not going to keep it secured during a hurricane, but they'll do the job in normal conditions.

Either way, I love them! I'm trying to think of other uses for them, such as hanging them off curtains or perhaps my rear view mirror =)

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