Sunday, 13 October 2013

Tablecloth Clamps

Adjustable Spring-Loaded Tablecloth Clamps

Wind proof your tablecloth and prevent slipping of indoor tablecloths!

I recently became are of these tablecloth clamps, which are allow me to hold down my tablecloth in a way which looks pleasant, as these clamps have a reasonably aesthetic appearance. I guess there's not really much you can say about these, except that they work.

These clamps are available on Amazon

It can be really infuriating when your tablecloth continually slips or gets blown off. I must admit, until I became aware of these options, I just lived with it, even though it was a really irritating problem. University text books, assignments, my laptop and a bunch of other stuff used to always be sliding around on my table, messing up my table cloth alignment. I have a white floral table cloth which constantly slips down and looks uneven and unattractive. I find it really messes up the look of my dining room, just makes it look sloppy.

Small simple ideas like this can eliminate regular sources of irritation. There are other options, such as little plastic clips which are perhaps a little less noticeable, or you can purchase some tablecloth weights.

Another option that also may be worth considering is a gripper style mat which goes underneath your tablecloth. This is obviously going to be the best option for those who are concerned about the appearance of clips and clamps.

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